Keysight 4328A Milliohm Meter, 100Hz

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4328A Milliohm Meter
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Keysight 4328A
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0 ohm - 100 ohm Milliohmmeter, 20 µohm resolution
Keysight 4328A Features
  • High sensitivity portable instrument for measurement of low resistances
  • 1 m ohms to 100 ohms measuring range and 20 µ ohms resolution
  • Maximum voltage across a sample, with the instrument at the proper range, is less than 200 µV peak
  • Special probes that allow four-terminal measurement in two probes are furnished
Keysight 4328A Specs
  • Range: 0.001 to 100 ohms full scale in a 1, 3 sequence
  • Accuracy: ±2% of full scale
  • Measuring Frequency: 1000 Hz ± 100 Hz
  • Voltage Across Sample: 200 µV peak at full scale
  • Maximum Voltage Across Sample: 20 mV peak
  • Superimposed dc: 150 V dc maximum (external source)
  • Recorder Output: 0.1 V dc output at full scale, output resistance approx. 1 k ohms
  • Applied Current (mA): constant by range, 150 / (full scale value in milli ohms)
  • Accessories Furnished: Keysight 16005A Kelvin Clip Probe Set, Keysight 16006A Pin Type Probe Set, Keysight 16007A/B Alligator Clip Lead Set and Keysight 16143A Probe Cable