Keysight 461A Wide Band Amplifier

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HP/Agilent 461A Amplifier 1 kHz to 150 MHz
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Keysight 461A
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The Keysight 461A Wide Band Amplifer is used primarily where flatness is important. The Models 461A and 426A Amplifiers are essentially identical. In the Model 462A some of the component values are changed slightly to improve its pulse response.
Keysight 461A Specs
Frequency Range 1 kHz to 150 MHz
Frequency Response +/-1 dB, 1 KHz to 150 MHz when operating into 50 ohms resistive Load>
(500 KHz reference)
Gain at 500 KHz 40 dB +/-0.5 dB; pr 20 DB +/-1.0 dB, selected by front panel switch (inverting)
Input Impedance Nominal 50 ohms
Maximum Input 1 volt rms or 2 volts p-p pulse
Maximum dc Output +/-2 Volts
Maximum Output 1/2 volt rms into 50 ohms resistive load
Equivalent Wideband Input Noise Level Less than 40 μV, in 40 dB position when loaded with 50Ω
Distortion Less than 5% at maximum output and rated load
Overload Recovery Less than 1 microsecond for 10 times overload
Power Supply 115 or 230V +/-10%, 48 to 440 Hz, 5 watts
Dimensions 5 1/8 in. (13cm) wide, 3 in. (7.6cm) high, 11in. (27.9 cm) deep