HP Agilent 462A Wide Band Amplifier

HP/Agilent 462A Pulse Amplifier
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The 462A Wideband Amplifier is used primarily where rise time is important. The rise and fall times are less than 4 manoseconds. Model 461A and 462A are nearly identical.



Pulse Response
Leading Edge and Trailing Edge
Rise Time: Less than 4 manoseconds
Overshoot: Less than 5%
Pulse Overload Recovery Less than 1 μs for 10 times overload
Pulse Duration for 10% Droop 30 μs
Equivalent Input Noise Level Less than 40 uV in 40 dB position when loaded with 50 ohms
Input Impedance Nominal 50 ohms
Maximum Input 1 Volt rms or 2 volts p-p pulse*
Maximum de Input +/-2 Volts
Gain 20 or 40 dB selected by front panel switch (inverting)
Maximum Output 1 volt peak to peak into 50 ohms resistive load
Delay 12-14 manoseconds

*For the protection of the input circuitry