Keysight 4800A Impedance Meter, 5Hz to 500kHz

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HP/Agilent 4800A Vector Impedance Meter
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HP/Agilent 4800A Vector Impedance Meter HP/Agilent 4800A Vector Impedance Meter
Keysight 4800A
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4800A Datasheet
5 Hz - 500 kHz, 1 ohm - 10 Mohm Vector Impedance Meter
Keysight 4800A Features
  • Measures the vector impedance of components, complex networks, and other two-terminal devices
  • At frequencies that are decade multiples of 1/2p, as marked on the frequency dial, L and 1/C are read directly if the phase is approximately ±90°
  • R is equal to the impedance magnitude at frequencies where the phase is approximately 0°
  • Equipped with analog outputs for three parameters: impedance magnitude, impedance phase, and frequency.
  • Rear panel provision for an external oscillator input makes possible swept frequency characterization of "unknown"
Frequency Characteristics:
  • Range: 5 Hz to 500 kHz in five bands: 5 to 50 Hz, 50 to 500 Hz, 0.5 to 5 kHz, 5 to 50 kHz, 50 to 500 kHz
  • Impedance Measurement Characteristics: 1 ohms to 10 M ohms in seven decade ranges from X1 to X10M
  • Phase Angle Measurement Characteristics: 0° to ± 90° in 5° increments
  • Direct Capacitance Measurement Capabilities: 0.1 pF to 10,000 uF direct reading at decade multiples of 15.92 Hz
  • Direct Inductance Measurement Capabilities: 1 uH to 100,000 H direct reading at decade multiples of 15.92 Hz
  • Measuring Terminal Characteristics: both terminals above ground, ground terminals provided for shielding convenience; binding posts spaced 3/4" at centers
  • Waveshape: sinusoidal
  • External Oscillator Requirements: 0.9V ± 20% into 20 kW
Recorder Outputs:
  • Frequency: level: 0 to V nom.; source impedance: 0 to 1 k ohms nom.; proportional to frequency dial rotation
  • Impedance: level: 0 to 1 V nom.; source impedance: 1 k ohms nom.
  • Phase Angle: level: 0 ± 0.9 V nom,; source impedance: 1 k ohms nom