Keysight 491C Microwave Amplifier

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HP/Agilent 491C TWT Amplifier
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Keysight 491C
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The Keysight Model 491C is a broadband linear amplifier that provides signal amplification of at least 30 dB, The 491C covers the 2 to 4 GHz range and produces at least 1 watt at the output with the application of 1 milliwatt or less at the input.
Keysight 491C Specs
Frequency Range 2 to 4 GHz
Power Output 1 watt or greater with mW or less input
Gain 30 dB or greater with 1 mW or less input
Gain Variation with Frequency At 1 watt output: 6 dB or less across the band.
Small Signal: 12 dB or less across the band: 5 dB or less for 10% of the band
Gain Variation with Line Voltage 1.0 dB or less for 10% variation from rated line voltage
Maximum RF Input 100 mW
Input/Output Characteristics
Impedance 50 ohms
SWR 2.5:1 or less (cold)
Connectors Type N female
Input Impedance 100k shunted by approximately 50 pF
Pulse Response Less than 1 μsec rise and fall times
Noise Figure 30 dB or less
Noise Power Output -10 dBm or less