Keysight 4951C Protocol Analyzer

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HP/Agilent 4951C Protocol Analyzer
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Keysight 4951C
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4951C Datasheet
Monitor and decode data transmissions
  • Measure vital link statistics
  • Test remote form bit error rate tests
  • Protocols: SDLC (NRZI), HDLC, X.25, SNA, DDCMP, Async, and user-defined protocols.
Keysight 4951C Features
  • Autoconfigure to automatically determine line parameters and to monitor data with the press of a key.
  • Bit error rate testing (BERT) to quickly determine the quality of your line.
  • 3 ½-inch diskette to store 613 kbytes of data, timing, lead status, programs, and configurations.
  • Asynchronous terminal emulator
  • Softkey-driven menus
  • Printouts to all RS-232/V.24 ASCII printers.
  • PC utilities to remotely control and analyze protocol analyzer data from a PC.
  • Data communication test library

NOTE:Requires Interface Pod

Interface Pods:
  • Keysight 18174ARS-449/422A/423A interface pod.
  • Keysight 18180ARS-232C/V.24 and RS-449/422A/ 423A interface pod.
  • Keysight 18179ARS-232C/V.24 interface pod with full breakout box.
  • Keysight 18160ARS-232C/V.24 and V.35 interface pod.