Keysight 4957A Protocol Analyzer

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HP/Agilent 4957A Portable WAN Protocol Analyzer
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HP/Agilent 4957A Portable WAN Protocol Analyzer HP/Agilent 4957A Portable WAN Protocol Analyzer
Keysight 4957A
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4957A Datasheet
Keysight wide area network protocol analyzers solve tough communications problems cost-effectively and efficiently. They can be used for installing customer equipment, troubleshooting network problems, or verifying the operation of your design.
An Easy-to-Use Testing Environment
  • Auto-configure determines line parameters within seconds
  • Softkey-driven menus guide you through the appropriate selections for any given field
Keysight 4957A Features
  • Cursor timing facilities quick timing measurements between characters or frames
  • Monitor menu provides intelligent analysis of collected data
  • Stimulate menu gives you the ability to replace a node of the network
  • Bit-error rate testing identifies line quality problems
  • Data filter and selective storage functions let you pinpoint problems faster by limiting the volume of data in the buffer
  • Data Rate: 256 kb/s monitor (opt); 64 kb/s simulate
  • Interfaces:
    • Built-in: RS-449, V.35, RS-232/V.24
    • Optional: X.21, basic & primary rate ISDN, single-channel T1
  • Display: High resolution 12-cm (5-in) monochrome