HP Agilent 5183T Digitizing Oscilloscope

HP Agilent 5183T Digitizing Oscilloscope
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  • Differential inputs
  • Dropout trigger
  • Complete calibration to probe-tip


Channel 1 and 2 inputs
Maximum Sensitivity 50 µV
Input Attenuator Ranges ±100 mV to ±50 V
Input Bandwidth (-1 dB) 1 MHz, (-2 dB) 3 MHz with filter (10 pole), (-4 dB) 1 MHz, (-65 dB) 3 MHz
Input Impedance 1 M ohm in parallel with 45 pF
CMRR at 10 kHz 60 dB on 100 mV to 1V ranges
Internal Level and sensitivity selectable
External Level selectable over ±5 V range, in mV increments
Internal Source Channel 1, channel 2, drop-out, delay, trigger-on-all, or high frequency trigger (w/ Option 301)
Measurement Control Auto, normal, single, manual trigger
Settable Level, hysteresis, position, drop out delay, delay from external trigger ( sequential trigger)
Trigger Position -100% to + 6400% of record length

Dynamic Performance (After Calibration)

Harmonic and Spurious Distortion/td> <= -65 dBc
Internal 4 MHz reference, sample intervals are between 250 ns and 4 s, in 250 ns increments
Size 64 k words per channel standard.  Option 512 includes 256 k words per channel, configurable as a single 512 k word record for channel 1
Segmentation single 131,072 word record for channel A, or between 1 to 64 equal length records for channel A and B.