Keysight 5304A Timer/ Counter Module

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Agilent 5304A Timer/ Counter Module
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Keysight 5304A
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Manual 5304A Datasheet
The Keysight Model 5304A Timer/Counter, when plugged onto an HP Model 5300A Measuring System, is capable of: Measuring frequencies up to 10 MHz, Time Interval measurements from 500 nsec to 10,000 seconds, Period Average over a range of 10 Hz to 1 MHz, and Totalizing.
Keysight 5304A Specs
Input channels A and B
Range: DC coupled; 0 to 10 MHz, AC coupled; 100 Hz to 10 MHz.
Sensitivity (min): 25 mV rms sine wave to I MHz, 50 mV rms sine wave to 10 MHz, 150 mV p-p pulse at minimum pulse width, 40 nsec. Sensitivity can be decreased by 10 or 100 times using ATTENUATOR switch.
Impedance: I MΩ shunted by less than 30 pF.
Overload protection: 250 V rms on X10 and X100 attenuator settings. On X1 attenuator setting 120 V rms up to 1 kHz, decreasing to 10 V rms at 10 MHz.
Trigger-level: PRESET position centers triggering about 0 volts, or continuously variable over the range of -1 V to +1 V times attenuator setting.
Slope: independent selection of triggering on positive or negative slope.
Channel Inputs: common or separate lines.
Gate output: rear panel BNC. TTL low level while gate is open.


Time Interval

Range: 500 ns to 104 sec.
Input: channels A and B; can be common or separate.
Resolution: 100 ns to 10 ms in decade steps.
Accuracy: ± I count ± time base accuracy ± trigger error.
Time Interval holdoff: front panel concentric knob which inserts variable delay of approximately 100 μs to 100 ms between START (channel A) and enabling of STOP (channel B); may be disabled. Electrical inputs during delay time are ignored. Delay may be digitally measured in CHECK and TIME INTERVAL positions. Delay output: real panel BNC. TTL low level during delay time.