Keysight 5334A Universal Counter, 100 MHz - 1.3 GHz

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HP/Agilent 5334A Two-Channel Universal Counter
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HP/Agilent 5334A Two-Channel Universal Counter HP/Agilent 5334A Two-Channel Universal Counter
Keysight 5334A
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Manual 5334A Datasheet
The Keysight 5334A is a Universal Counter capable of measuring up to 100MHz. With the optional C channel this capability is extended to 1.3 GHz. The instruments basic measurement functions include frequency, Period, Time Delay, Ratio, and Totalize. The resident Multiple Register Counter (MRC) and three single chip microprocessors used to generate data, compute and display answers, expand the usefulness of the counter by providing post measurement data manipulation. This allows the additional power and convenience of userdefined measurement fuction keys for Math Functions, Pulse Width, Rise/Fall Time, and voltage peaks of the input signal; and the Model 5334A includes a nonvolatile memory that provides the capability to save and recall up to nine different front panel setups.