Keysight 5343A Microwave Frequency Counter

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HP/Agilent 5343A Microwave Frequency Counter
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HP/Agilent 5343A Microwave Frequency Counter HP/Agilent 5343A Microwave Frequency Counter
Keysight 5343A
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5343A Datasheet

The Keysight 5343A Microwave Counter provides automatic frequency measurement to 26.5 GHz in highly portable package.

FM Tolerance

Measuring a carrier frequency while it is being frequency modulated has broad appeal in the communication industry and elsewhere. Both the Keysight 5343A can tolerate peak-to-peak FM deviation to 50 MHz.

Digital-To-Analog Converter (Option 004)

Option 004 lets you convert any three consecutive displayed digits (frequency or amplitude) into an analog voltage output on the rear panel. This makes the monitoring of microwave-oscillator-frequency drift easy to make with only a stripchart recorder.

Scaling and Offset Functions
The versatility of the microprocessor-controlled keyboard allows you to perform math functions by means of a few key strokes. Frequency values to 1 Hz resolution can be added to or subtracted from the measured frequency for IF offset application. The HP 5343A also offers an mx ± b mode for both scaling and offset functions.
  • Opt 001 High Stability Time Base
  • Opt 004 Digital-To-Analo~ Converter
  • Opt 006 Limiter Input Protection ( + 39 dBm)
  • Opt 011 Digital Input/Output (HP-IB) (Cable Not Incl)
  • Opt 908 Rack Mounting Adapter Kit
  • Opt 1A3 Bellcore CLEI Barcode Sticker
Keysight 5343A Specs
Input 1
Frequency range: 500 MHz to 26.5 GHz
Sensitivity: 500 MHz to 12.4 GHz: -33 dBm
12.4 GHz to 18. GHz: -28 dBm
18.0 GHz to 26.5 GHz: -23 dBm
Maximum Input: +7 dBm
Impedance: 50 nominal
Connector: APC 3.5 male with collar
Input 2
Frequency range: 10 Hz to 520 MHz direct count.
Sensitivity: 50 Ω: 10 Hz to 520 MHz: 25 mV rms
1 MΩ:10 Hz to 25 MHz: 50 mV rms
Impedance: selectable 1 MΩ, <50 pF or 50 Ω nominal
Coupling: ac
Connector: type BNC female
Maximum input 50 Ω: 3.5 V rms (+24 dBm) or 5 V dc, fuse protected
1 MΩ: 200 V dc + 5Vrms