HP Agilent 54121T Digitizing Oscilloscope 20 GHz

Rent HP Agilent 54121T Digitizing Oscilloscope 20 GHz
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HP Agilent 54121T Digitizing Oscilloscope 20 GHz provides full HP-IB prgrammability, and powerful features for a wide range of applictions. Not only does the 54121T allow you to accept signals from four different sources, but it has extensive features that make it useful for network analysis, waveform statistics, and as a high-speed extermely accurate oscilloscope. The HP 54121T Consists of the HP 541208 and the HP 54121A.



  • up to 20 GHz bandwidth in the averaged and presistence modes
  • TDR capabiltiy
  • waveform histogram and statistical data
  • 10 ps time interval accuarcy
  • four waveform memories and two pixel memories
  • 025 ps time interval resolution
  • 10 ps/div horizontal scale factor
  • 0.4% vertical accuracy in the averaged mode
  • 32μ V resolution in the averaged mode
  • 1 mV/div vertical sensitivity
  • autoscale
  • automatic waveform measurements
  • waveform math
  • 10 front-panel setup save and recall registers
  • waveform normalization capabilities
  • functional color display
  • instant hardcopy output
  • full programmability over the HP-IB
  • IEE-488.2 programming compatibility



Bandwidth 20GHz BW
Display Type Analog Color Display
Form Factor Benchtop
Number of Channels 4 Channel
Rise time 17.5ps
Rms noise 2mV