Keysight 54835A Infiniium Oscilloscope, 1 GHz, 4 GS/s

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Rent HP Agilent 54835A Infiniium Oscilloscope, 1 GHz, 4 GS/s
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Keysight 54835A
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Manual 54835A Datasheet
The Keysight 54835A Infiniium Oscilloscope, 1 GHz, 4 GS/s offers four channels at 1 GHz, with sample rates up to 4 GSa/s.
Keysight 54835A Features
  • IntuiLink
  • Web-enabled connectivity
  • E-mail on trigger
  • GPIB over LAN
  • VoiceControl option
  • Built-in information system
  • Color-grade persistence
  • Display annotation
  • Drag and drop measurements
  • Easy zooming
  • Advanced triggering
  • USB Test Option
  • Waveform math with FFTs and histograms
Keysight 54835A Specs
Frequency Range 2 channel mode: dc to 2 GHz; 4 channel mode: dc to 1 GHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 70 dB at 32K memory depth. Noise floor varies with memory depth and with averaging.
Maximum Sample Rate 2 channel mode: 4 GSa/s; 4 channel mode: 2 GSa/s
Maximum Effective Sample Rate
Equivalent Time
500 GSa/s
Memory Depth 2 channel mode: 65,536 points/channel
4 channel mode: 32,768 points/channel
Memory Depth Modes Auto Optimized for best combination of update rate and display quality
Manual Selectable
2 channel mode: from 16 to 65,536 points/channel
4 channel mode: from 16 to 32,768 points/channel
Sampling Modes
Real Time Successive single shot acquisitions
Equivalent Time Random repetitive sampling (higher time resolution at faster sweep speeds)
Peak Detect N/A
9-bit Bandwidth (BW) Limit Filter BW = Sample Rate/20
Sin(x)/x Interpolation BW= Sample Rate/4. On/Off selectable Finite Impulse Response (FIR) digital filter. Digital signal processing adds points between acquired data points to enhance measurement accuracy and waveform display quality.
Averaging Selectable from 2 to 4096
Number of Channels 4 (simultaneous acquisition)
Analog Bandwidth (–3dB) 50 Ω: 1.0 GHz; 1 MΩ: 500 MHz (with 1161A probe)
Rise Time1 50 Ω: 350 ps; 1 M Ω: 700 ps