Keysight 6294A Power Supply, 60 V 1Amp

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HP/Agilent 6294A DC Power Supply
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HP/Agilent 6294A DC Power Supply HP/Agilent 6294A DC Power Supply
Keysight 6294A
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6294A Datasheet
This power supply, is completely transistorized and suitable for either bench or relay rack operation. It is a compact, well regulated, Constant Voltage / Constant Current supply that will furnish full rated output current or can be continuously adjusted throughout the output range.
Keysight 6294A Features
  • Dual range/function meter
  • Load regulation
  • Front/Rear Output
  • Line regulation
  • Remote programming
Keysight 6294A Specs
Input 115Vac ±10%, single phase, 48-440Hz
Output 0-60 Volts @ 1 Ampere
Form Factor Benchtop
Number of Outputs 1o/p
Output 1 Max. power 60Watts
Output 1/Range 1 Max. Current 1A
Voltage Ripple and Noise 200uV
Current Ripple and Noise 500uA
Load Regulation V/C 2mV to 250uA
Other Features 2mV
Output 1,Volts/ Max. Current 60Volts to 1Amp
Power 60Watts
Type DC