Keysight 6472C- 003 DC Power Supply 64 Volt 100 Amp

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HP/Agilent 6472C DC Output Power Supply
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Keysight 6472C
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0-64VDC, 0-150A Regulated, Limited & Continuous Power Supply

Option 003 Input 460 Vac, 57-63 Hz, 3/25A phase
Keysight 6472C Features
Operating Features:
  • Constant voltage, constant current type
  • Large easy-to-read panel meters continuously monitor output voltage current
  • Input and output power; remote sensing; remote programming; and auto-series, -parallel and -tracking connections are made to bus bars and terminal blocks on the rear panel


Protective Features:
  • High-temperature protection thermostat
  • Prolonged overload protection circuit
  • Turn-on circuit limits peak line current during startup into low impedance loads
  • Phase-balance circuit permits operation with line to line input voltage imbalance up to 8 percent
  • Auto-Series, -Parallel, -Tracking Operation: supplies may be connected in auto-series or auto-tracking. Up to three lower-power models maybe be connected in any of the above configurations.
  • Remote Programming: the voltage and current outputs of the supplies can be programmed by a remote resistance, or a remote voltage source.
Keysight 6472C Specs
  • DC Output
    Volts: 0 to 64
    Amperes: 0 to 150
  • AC Output: 460 Vac, ± 10%, 3-phase, 25 A/phase, 57 to 63 Hz
  • Weight (lb.): 500