Keysight 66312A Dynamic Measurement DC Source

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HP/Agilent 66312A 40W Dynamic Measurement
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Keysight 66312A
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The Keysight 66312A Dynamic Measurement dc Source allows dynamic measurement and analysis of voltage and current waveforms. It is used for testing digital wireless communications products/components and also performs the peak current measurements required to characterize the pulsed current demands of these products.
Keysight 66312A Specs
Output Ratings Voltage 0 - 20 V
Current 0 - 2 A
Programming Accuracy
(@ 25°C ±5°C)
Volatage: 0.05% + 10 mV
Current: 0.05% + 1 mA1
Ripple and Noise Voltage: 0.5 mV/3 mV4
Current 1 mA
Load Regulation Volate 2 mV
Current 0.5 mA
Line Regulation Voltage 0.5 mV
Current 0.5 mA
Transient Response < 100 μs