Keysight 8151A Optical Power Meter

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HP/Agilent 8151A Optical Pulse Power Meter 250MHz
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Keysight 8151A
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500-950 or 900-1725nm Optical Pulse Power Meter

The Keysight 8151A cannot be operated without an optical head. All heads carry interface adapters for fiber connectors and bare fibers.
Keysight 8151A Features
  • Peak and average power measurements
  • O/E transducer capability
  • Enables the user to accurately determine upper and lower peak power levels
  • Instrument's transducer has a frequency range of 250MHz, and outputs an electrical signal which corresponds directly to the optical input waveform
Optical Characteristics of HP 81512A Optical Head
  • Wavelength Range: 900 to 1725nm, cal for 1300nm
  • Maximum Core Diameter: 100µm


Optical Power Measurements
  • Parameters Measured: high, low, and mesial power levels, amplitude, extinction ratio, average power
  • Measurement Range: 0dBm to -50 dBm
  • Resolution: 3 digits (Watts), 1pW min.; 4 digits (dB), 0.01dB min.

Transducer (opto-electric conversion)
Actual waveform depends on measurement range.  Calibrated for 1300nm.


Pulse Response
  • Transition Time: ≤ 3ns
  • Perturbations: ≤ 10% of amplitude