Keysight 8151A Optical Power Meter

HP/Agilent 8151A Optical Pulse Power Meter 250MHz
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Keysight 8151A
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  • Peak and average power measurements
  • O/E transducer capability
  • Enables the user to accurately determine upper and lower peak power levels
  • Instrument's transducer has a frequency range of 250MHz, and outputs an electrical signal which corresponds directly to the optical input waveform

The Keysight 8151A cannot be operated without an optical head. All heads carry interface adapters for fiber connectors and bare fibers.


Optical Characteristics of HP 81512A Optical Head
  • Wavelength Range: 900 to 1725nm, cal for 1300nm
  • Maximum Core Diameter: 100µm


Optical Power Measurements
  • Parameters Measured: high, low, and mesial power levels, amplitude, extinction ratio, average power
  • Measurement Range: 0dBm to -50 dBm
  • Resolution: 3 digits (Watts), 1pW min.; 4 digits (dB), 0.01dB min.

Transducer (opto-electric conversion)
Actual waveform depends on measurement range.  Calibrated for 1300nm.


Pulse Response
  • Transition Time: ≤ 3ns
  • Perturbations: ≤ 10% of amplitude