Keysight 81642A High Power Tunable Laser Module

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The Keysight 81642A tunable laser (previously Agilent Technologies) covers the C- and L- Band. It is optimized for testing optical amplifiers at high stimulus power, and passive components.

This Keysight "A" Tunable Laser Source has been replaced by 81642B but can be upgraded.

The 81642A works in both DWDM bands (C- and L-Band). It has continuous sweep through full wavelength range, high power optical output for optical amplifier test, built-in real-time wavelength meter, mode-hop free tuning over full wavelength range, and both optical outputs are equipped with Panda type polarization maintaining fiber. Keysight 81642A High Power Tunable Laser Modules were previously manufactured by Agilent Technologies.