Keysight 81689A Compact Tunable Laser Module

HP Agilent 81689A Compact Tunable Laser Module
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Keysight 81689A
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  • Specially designed for the C-Band
  • Saturating optical amplifiers for dense-WDM transmission systems
  • Configuring multi-channel test beds for DWDM transmission systems
  • Continuous sweep through full wavelength range
  • Mode-hop free tuning over full wavelength range
  • Output equipped with either standard single-mode fiber or Panda type polarization maintaining fiber


Key Specifications:

  • Wavelength Range: 1525 nm to 1575 nm
  • Max. Output Power: 6dBm
  • Wavelength Accuracy (abs.): ±0.3nm
  • Wavelength repeatability (typ.): ±0.05pm
  • Wavelength stability (typ.): <±0.02 nm over 1 hour, at constant temperature
  • Signal to Source Spontaneous Emission Ratio: ³ 39dB/nm (full wavelength range)

Option 071: polarization maintaining fiber, straight contact output connector