Keysight 8495D Manual Attenuator

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The Keysight 8495D Manual Attenuator optimizes test system measurement capability via superb RF specification. These step attenuators measure attenuation in 10 dB steps from 0 to 70 dB and operate over a frequency range of 0 to 26.5 GHz.  Keysight 8495D units provide precise signal-level control with an attenuation repeatability of under .03 dB, enabling low measurement uncertainty, and possess an insertion loss level of 0.4 dB + 0.09 dB/GHz at 0 dB. To ensure a long lifespan of over 5 million cycles per section the attenuator's springs are covered in gold-plated leaf. For technicians seeking an attenuator with enhanced accuracy, Keysight 8495D models feature NIST traceable data as an option and a variety of attenuation and connector options for other configurations of the device favoring different qualities.