Keysight 8496B Step Attenuator Type N female Connectors

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HP/Agilent 8496B Step Attenuator, 10dB Steps, 50 ohm Type N female Connectors
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Keysight 8496B
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Manual 8496B Datasheet
DC - 18 GHz, Manual Step Attenuator
Keysight 8496B Specs
Frequency Range dc to 18 GHz
Attenuation 0 dB to 110 dB
Steps 10 dB
Maximum SWR 1.9
Maximum Residual Attenuation 0.6 d8 + 0.09 dB/GHz
Attenuation Repeatability 0.01 dB typical after 5 million cycles
RF Power Handling 1 W average, 100 W peak with maximum pulse width of 10 microseconds
Minimum Life >5 million cycles per section