Keysight 8558B Spectrum Analyzer

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Agilent 8558B Spectrum Analyzer
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Keysight 8558B
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Manual 8558B Datasheet
Performance Plus Economy
The Keysight 8558B is a 100 kHz to 1500 MHz spectrum analyzer plugin for use with the 853A or 182T display. The high performance and convenient operation of this economical unit is ideally suited for a variety of applications in production, R&D or field service measurements.
Simple, 3-Knob Operation
Preset the 8558B to the color coded, "basic-operation" settings, and use the coupled controls to make most measurements in three easy steps. Tune to the signal; the LED readout displays its frequency. Zoom-in on the signal by reducing the span width; the resolution bandwidth, video filter, and sweeptime automatically change to an optimum value for a calibrated display. Then, change the reference level to bring the peak of the signal to the top of the screen for the most accurate amplitude measurement.
Absolute Amplitude Calibration
Signal levels can be read directly from the CRT in dBm (dBm V for Option 002) without the use of external standards or calculations. The signal level represented by the top CRT graticule line is always indicated by the reference level control, and vertical scale factors of 10 dB/div, 1 dB/div, or linear can be selected.
Keysight 8558B Features
  • Rugged portability
  • Simple three knob operation
  • Direct plotter control
  • Display annotation and storage accessories
  • Digital display with trace arithmetic
  • Resolution bandwidths from 1 kHz to 3 MHz
  • 0.5 to 1500 MHz tracking generator available
  • Optional 75 Ω input with dBm or dBmV calibration
Keysight 8558B Specs
Frequency range 0.1 to1500 MHz
Frequency Spans Per division: 5 kHz to 100 MHz/div in a 1, 2, 5 sequence
Zero span: analyzer functions as a manually tuned receiver
Frequency Accuracy Tuning accuracy: (+10°c to +40°C)
  • 0-195 MHz: ±(1 MHz+ 20% frequency span per division)
  • 195-1500 MHz: ±(5 MHz + 20% frequency span per division)
Frequency span accuracy: ±5% of displayed frequency separation
Spectral Resolution Resolution bandwidths: eight selectable resolution (3-dB)
bandwidths from 1 kHz to 3 MHz in a I, 3 sequence. Bandwidth
and frequency span are independently variable or may be coupled for optimum display when control markers are aligned (►◄)
Resolution bandwidth accuracy: 3-dB points are ±20% (+10° to +40°C)
Selectivity: (60-dB/3-dB bandwidth ratio) <15:1
Spectral Stability Residual FM: <l kHz p-p in 0.1 second
Noise sidebands: ≥65 dB down, ≥50 kHz from center of CW signal with 1 kHz resolution bandwidth and full video filtering
Keysight 8558B Accessories
Opt 001 75 Ω input, dBm calibration
Opt 002 75 Ω input, dBmV calibration
Opt 910 Extra Operating and Service Manual
Opt E98 EMI Measurement System
Opt H17 Extended coverage to 1700 MHz
Opt H38 6 MHz BW for CA TV /LAN demodulation
Opt H98 EMI Option