Keysight 8559A Microwave Spectrum Analyzer

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Performance Plus Economy
The excellent performance and convenient operation of this economical spectrum analyzer make it ideal for a variety of applications in production, R & D, and field-service measurements. The HP 8559A/853A covers the frequency range from 10 MHz to 21 GHz.
Simple 3-Knob Operation
Preset this spectrum analyzer to color-coded, "basic-operation" settings and use the coupled controls to make most measurements in three easy steps. Tune to a signal ; the LED readout displays its frequency. Zoom in on the signal by reducing span width ; the resolution bandwidth, video filter, and sweeptime automatically change to an optimum value for a calibrated display. Then, adjust the reference level to bring the peak of the signal to the top of the screen for the most accurate amplitude measurement.
Digital Display
The Keysight 853A is a digital display mainframe for use with the 8557A, 8558B, and 8559A spectrum analyzer plug-ins. Signals are displayed on either of two independently stored digital traces. Display processing capabilities include maximum hold, digital averaging, and trace normalization for extended measurement capability. A built-in microprocessor manages the display operation and provides access (via the front panel) to built-in test routines for display calibration and testing.

HP-ID Capability Includes Direct Plotter Control
A hard-copy record of the displayed traces and graticule can be made on a digital plotter via HP-1B using the front-panel buttons of the 853A. A controller is not required. Although analyzer controls are not themselves programmable, the HPIB can be used for applications that include using a controller to record trace data and to prompt the operator on the 853A CRT. The digital display and processing functions can be remotely programmed, and the analyzer sweeps can be initiated over the HP-1B.
Two Configurations
The display is offered in two styles. The Keysight 853A is a ruggedized, portable mainframe complete with tilt-bail handle and drip-proof, protective front cover. The Keysight 853A is ideally suited for rugged field environments and any areas where system mobility is required. 853A Option 001 offers the digital display in a full module bench or rack-mount configuration.
11870A Low Pass Filter
For RF measurement applications needing extended coverage to 2.6 GHz, the 11870A Low Pass Filter rejects signals above 3 GHz by more than 60 dB for image-free measurements over the entire10 MHz to 26 GHz range.