Keysight 8720ES S-parameter Network Analyzer

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8720ES S-parameter Network Analyzer
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Keysight 8720ES
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Manual 8720ES Datasheet
The 8720ES microwave network analyzer integrates a microwave source, tuned-receiver, and transmission/reflection or S-parameter test set into a single, cost-effective instrument. To complete a microwave measurement system, select the desired network analyzer options, test port cables, and calibration kits. Also, additional measurement accessories may be selected.
Keysight 8720ES Features
  • Output accuracy of 2dB.
  • DIN keyboard
  • Two measurement channels
  • Frequency and power sweeps
  • Fast sweep and data transfer speed
  • Pass/Fail testing, powerful marker functions
  • Electronic calibration (ECal
  • Internal automation with test-sequencing
  • Optional time-domain, high power test set, four samplers and TRL calibration, direct sampler access, frequency-offset mode
Keysight 8720ES Specs
Frequency Accuracy +/- 10ppm
Frequency Range 50 MHz - 20 GHz
Frequency Resolution 1 Hz
Output Power Range 3.16228mW
Output Impedance 50 ohms
Sweep Range 0.01 dB