Keysight E3611A Power Supply 30 Watt

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HP/Agilent E3611A 30W Power Supply, 20V
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HP/Agilent E3611A 30W Power Supply, 20V HP/Agilent E3611A 30W Power Supply, 20V
Keysight E3611A
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E3611A Datasheet

This 30-watt bench supply are designed for general laboratory use. The constant-voltage,constant-current output allows operation as either a voltage or current source. The changeover occurs automatically, based on the load. It has has two ranges, allowing more current at a lower voltage.

This model also features overload protection. A continuously acting constant current circuit protects the power supply against all overloads including a direct short placed across the terminals in a constant voltage operation.

Keysight E3611A Features
  • Dual range
  • 10 turn pots
  • Constant Voltage (CV),
  • Constant Current (CC) modes.
Keysight E3611A Specs
Number of outputs 1
Number of Output Ranges 2
DC Output Rating 20 V, 1.5 A
35 V, 0.85 A
Load and Line Regulation < 0.01% + 2 mV
Ripple and Noise (20 Hz to 20 MHz)
Normal mode voltage < 200 μVrms, < 2 mVpp
Normal mode current < 200 μArms, < 1 mVpp
Transient Response Time < 50 μsec following a change in output current from full load to half load for output to recover within:
10 mV
Meter Accuracy ±0.5% + 2 counts at 25 °C ±5°C
Meter Resolution
Voltage 100 mV
Current 10 mA
Isolation 240 Vdc