Keysight E3630A Triple Output Power Supply

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HP/Agilent E3630A 35 W Triple Output
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Keysight E3630A
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E3630A Datasheet Specifications
The Keysight E3630A is a constant-voltage/current-limiting triple output power supply that combines two 0 to +20 V tracking outputs rated at 0.5 amps with an additional single output that is rated at 0 to 6 volts and 2.5 amps.
Keysight E3630A Features
AC Input
  • Standard: 115 Vac + 10%, 47-63 Hz, 84 W
  • OE9: 100 Vac + 10%, 47-63 Hz, 84 W
  • OE3: 230 Vac + 10%, 47-63 Hz, 84 W


DC Output and Overload Protection
  • 0 to +20 V Outputs: Maximum rated output current is 035A. Short curcuit output current is 0.55 A + 5 % and a fixed current limit circuit limits the output of each supply to this maximum at any output voltage setting. Unbalanced loads within current rating are permitted.
  • 0 to +6 V Output: Maximum rated output current is 2.5A at 6 V. The maximum available output current decreases with the output voltage setting. A current foldback circuit limits the output to 2.75 A + 5% at 6 volts and, with decreasing voltage, reduces the current limit linearly to 1 A + 15% at zero volts (short circuited).


Tracking Accuracy
  • The +20 V and - 20 V outputs track within 1% with the TRACKING ratio control in the Fixed position. (In variable tracking ratio mode, the negative tracking output can be adjusted from less than 0.5 V to within +% of the setting of the positive output.)