Keysight E4595A CERJAC MTS LITE SONET Test Set

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Agilent E4595A CERJAC MTS LITE SONET  Test Set
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Keysight E4595A
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CERJAC MTS LITE SONET Maintenance Test Set, STS-1, OC-1/3/3c, (optional OC12)

Measurement Summary

  • SONET section, line and path overhead modification, monitoring, error insertion and analysis
  • Pointer adjustment and monitoring
  • Generation and display of Automatic Protection Switch (APS) messages
  • Clear channel BERT at STS-1 and STS-3c
  • Path trace generation and monitoring
  • Receive optical power and electrical peak measurements
  • Section and line DCC external drop and insert
  • Built-in speaker and VF orderwire interface
Keysight E4595A Features
  • Field-portable, SONET testing
  • Automatic setup and results reporting
  • 3.5" DOS compatible disk drive
  • Provides OC-3 / 3c, OC-1, and EC-1 ( STS-1 / B3ZS ) monitoring and testing capabilities in a compact, lightweight, and rugged package
  • Optional OC-12
Keysight E4595A Applications
  • Ideal test set to monitor, stress, and change SONET overhead
  • STS-1 and STS-3C payload BERT capability is perfect for installation and acceptance testing
  • CERJAC MTS LITE complements existing DS-3 and DS-1 test set with its DS-3 and VT1.5 (async and byte sync) drop and insert capabilities
  • Using the built-in RS-232 and HP-IB, it can be controlled by SCPI or HP Virtual remote software running on a PC / AT or workstation
Keysight E4595A Accessories
  • Opt 001: 622 Mb/s OC-12
  • Opt 002: DS-3 External Drop and Insert
  • Opt 003: VT1.5 Async and Byte Sync
  • Opt 005: HP-IB and RS-232 SCPI