Keysight N1726A-121 Aurora Duet ISDN Tester

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HP Agilent N1726A-121 Aurora Duet ISDN Tester
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Keysight N1726A
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The Trend Communications  N1726A ITU auroraDuet Euro Primary and Basic Rate ISDN Handheld Tester has been designed to provide all round capability to ISDN technicians and engineers as an installation, troubleshooting and maintenance, integration, and product development tool. 
Keysight N1726A Features
Simulation and Monitoring 
  • TE Mode emulates Customer Premise Equipment when connected to the NT 
  • NT Mode emulates the network when connected to the TE 
  • LT Mode emulates the local exchange line card looking toward the NT on 2B1Q 
  • Phantom Power for NT1, S-bus devices as well as power feed to Up0 interface 


Multi-Channel Simulation
  • B1, B2, Bx channel selection in Basic Rate modes 
  • Automatic B-Channel Cross Connect on Basic Rate for "mini-switch" simulation 
  • Establish up to 30 simultaneous calls in Primary Rate modes
  • Establish up to15 simultaneous cross-connect calls in Primary Rate NT mode


Physical Layer Testing and Link Quality Assessment
  • Physical Layer 1 testing and monitoring using LEDs and screen give indication of Remote Alarm, CRC Error, Sync Alarm, Signal Detect, AIS, Activation, Info states and a number of other key indicators 
  • Selective BERT capability for both Basic and Primary Rate circuits including Nx64kbps multi-channel 
  • 2Mbps Framed and Unframed BERT capability for PCM circuit testing 


Teleservice and Supplementary Service Testing
  • Automatic Service Tests for one key testing 
  • Check the line configuration 
  • Check Quality of Service by initiating Bit Error Rate (BER) Tests 
  • Validate operation across all channels 
  • Traffic Generation capability using automatic tests 


Protocol Monitoring, Trace and Analysis
  • On-screen real-time decode and trace of D-Channel activity on U and S interfaces 
  • Filters allow specific protocols to be selected with frame timestamps 
  • Filter criteria including layer, call reference, SAPI, TEI, and more for initiating call tracing and monitoring 
  • Onboard storage of data for analysis with auroraExpert