Keysight N1735A Aurora Tempo Frame Relay Tester

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HP Agilent N1735A Aurora Tempo Frame Relay Tester
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Keysight N1735A
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The Keysight N1735A auroraTempo Portable Frame Relay Tester is essential for installing, configuring and maintaining Frame Relay services running over V-series and DDS interfaces, and T1 and E1 circuits. It provides a full suite of physical layer and Frame Relay protocol test that allow you to speedily verify the service, or examine more complicated issues with real-time analysis, statistical analysis, and detailed simulation for both Switched Virtual Circuits (SVCs) and Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs).
US Options
001 2x V/X, PVC software
003 1 x V/X, PVC software
010 2x Tl, PVC software
011 V/X & Tl, PVC software
012 1 x Tl, PVC software
111 V/X & Tl. PVC &SVC s/w
ITU Options
002 2x VIX, PVC software (ITU)
020 2x El, PVC software
021 V/X & El, PVC software
121 VIX & El. PVC &SVC s/w
Keysight N1735A Features
  • Link Management
  • End-to-End Routing
  • Stress Testing
  • Switch Emulation
  • Physical Tests
  • Frame Relay Monitoring