Keysight N2600A WireScope 350 Hand-held Cable Tester

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Ready for Category 6 and Beyond

The Keysight WireScope 350 provides comprehensive support for all current and emerging LAN cable certification standards including Category 6 / Class E channel and permanent link. Offering outstanding test performance, ease of use and graphic reporting, the Agilent WireScope 350 is the ultimate tool for LAN and cabling professionals.

Superior Measurement Performance

The Keysight WireScope 350 is based on frequency domain testing, the same principle used by the worlds most accurate Network Analyzers. Its unmatched hardware accuracy is further augmented by state-of-the-art software algorithms including a novel patent pending Enhanced Auto Cancellation Technology to automatically cancel the interface and adapter effects from the test results. This automatic and dynamic compensation assures superior repeatability and accuracy with continuous usage of the instrument. Major cabling manufacturers in the industry have endorsed the superior measurement performance of the Keysight WireScope 350.