VIC TORR Air Leak Detector

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The VIC-TORR is a high resolution test instrument that can be configured as a mass flow, pressure decay or vacuum decay leak tester and is available in single or multi-channel models. The robust high resolution color LCD touch screen provides all the needed information about the test part including, but not limited to rejection rate, leak rate and test time. The prominently displayed accept and reject indicator light/buttons make it easy to discern if the test product is pass or fail. The product has provisions for Ethernet, USB and RS-232 communications capability for downloadable selection and data upload. Other unique features include automatic set up, multi-language display, remote monitoring/control, signature analysis, and user friendly programming and diagnostics.

Also included are: Advanced Pneumatics (high flow, low pressure drop, low heat gain) SPC Data Collection/Charts (X-Bar, Std Dev, Range, etc.)