Konica Minolta CA-100 CRT Color Analyzer

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The Konica Minolta CA-100 CRT Color Analyzer is an easy-to-use instrument for white-balance adjustment on CRT production lines, with color measurement and analyzer functions plus data-communication capabilities.

The Konica Minolta CRT CA-100 Color Analyzer was designed to upgrade the white-balance process on production lines for color TV sets and computer color monitors in the CRT industry. The multi-function Minolta CA-100 reduces the time required for white balance adjustment and inspection, and provides numerical values for white-balance control. It is even equipped with data-communication capabilities, allowing it to become part of a computerized quality-control system or even a fully automated production line. Continuing advances in consumer televisions, such as higher reliability, higher image quality, larger screens, and more features, plus the increased used of high-fidelity computer color monitors in image-control applications, make the color-reproduction characteristics of CRTs increasingly important.

To ensure accurate color reproduction, white-balance adjustment must be performed utilizing a high-accuracy, high-reliability instrument. With a variety of internal features plus a wide range of optional accessories to provide additional functions, the Konica Minolta CA-100 can be used to speed up white-balance adjustment and inspection of many different kinds of CRTs. In addition, data communication and measurement control can be performed via an RS-232C or GP-I6 system, making it possible to use the Konica Minolta CA-100 on a fully automated production line.