EMI EMHP 20-1000 20 Volt, 1000 Amp - 20kW DC Power Supply

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Rent EMI EMHP 20-1000 20 Volt, 1000 Amp - 20kW DC Power Supply
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TDK-Lambda EMHP 20-1000
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EMHP 20-1000 Datasheet Brochure
The EMI EMHP 20-1000 1000 Amp - 20kW DC Power Supply is ideally suited to applications where raw bulk power is required in a robust reliable package. The 20 Volt, 1000 Amp unit is a fully programmable source of constant voltage and/or constant current with automatic crossover and is fully metered.
TDK-Lambda EMHP 20-1000 Features
  • Voltage or constant current with "automatic crossover"
  • Forced cooling
  • Eyelets at the top of the font for easy transport.
  • Gauges and indicator lamps
  • Remote programming for resistance, voltage or current
  • Protection by circuit breaker
  • Contactor interlock for power on / off
  • Internal filters against RFI
  • Indicator lamps for operation mode
TDK-Lambda EMHP 20-1000 Specs
Output Voltage (Volts) 0-20
Output Current (Amps) 0-1000
Output Ripple(mV) RMS 60
AC Input 440/480 VAC, three phase 60 Hz - optional inputs available Softstart AC inrush
Max. Voltage 600.0V
Number of Outputs Single
Max. Current 1.50kA
TDK-Lambda EMHP 20-1000 Applications
  • Electromagnetism
  • Power of DC Motors
  • Battery Charge
  • High power electronic systems
  • Plasma Applications
  • Research and thermodynamics thermoelectric
  • Generation of magnetic fields
  • DC Power Inverters
  • Industrial DC Power
  • Electro deposition of precision
  • Lighting systems for high power