EMI/TDK-Lambda SCR120-40 DC Power Supply, 5 kW

Rent EMI/TDK-Lambda SCR120-40 DC Power Supply, 5 kW
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TDK-Lambda SCR120-40
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Manual SCR120-40 Datasheet
0-120VDC, 0-40A Power Supply
TDK-Lambda SCR120-40 Features
  • Combine optimum performance and reliability.
  • Highest power-per-cubic-inch In Industry.
  • Reduction in line-conducted RFI by 1000 times over previous SeA models. (Complies with VOE 875 Level N and VDE 871 Level A.)
  • High dielectric withstand ratings primary to secondary and chassis (2500 V rms).
  • Low output ripple without the added cost of slow-acting electronic ripple eliminator circuitry.
  • Fast end easy access to internal bias, control and SeR firing circuits.
  • Series or parallel master/slave operation.
  • Standard remote turn-on and Interlock functions.
TDK-Lambda SCR120-40 Specs
DC Output Volts 0-120
Amps 401
Regulation CV Line % 0.1
Load MV 40
OC Line % 0.1
Load MA 12
RMS Ripple Volt MV 10
Current MA 10
TDK-Lambda SCR120-40 Applications
  • CW lasers
  • General industrial DC power
  • Capacitor forming
  • Focusing coils for accelerators
  • Cryogenic magnet applications
  • Electroplating
  • Battery charging
  • Semiconductor aging racks