LeCroy WaveSurfer MSO 104 MXs-B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 1 GHz

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Rent LeCroy WaveSurfer MSO 104 MXs-B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 1 GHz
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LeCroy MSO 104 MXs-B
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MSO 104 MXs-B Datasheet
The LeCroy WaveSurfer MSO 104 MXs-B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope packs high performance hardware, powerful waveform processing and advanced math, measurement and debug tools into a compact form factor with a large touch screen display and intuitive user interface.

With up to 10 GS/s sample rate and 32 Mpts of memory WaveSurfer can capture large amounts of data at very high sample rates. Other oscilloscopes offer long memory but they bog down trying to process or display it. WaveSurfer handles large amounts of data quickly providing fast processing of long memory even when using math and measurement functions. The software responds immediately to the user inputs even while processing data.

System debug often requires more than analog channels. The MSO 104 MXs-B delivers 18 digital channels which can capture digital signals of up to 250 MHz. The MSO 104 MXs-B offer analog and digital cross-triggering plus measurement tools to help debug digital busses. Supported serial data protocols include I2C, SPI, UART, USB 1.0/1.1/2.0, USB 2.0-HSIC, MIL-STD-1553, and ARINC 429. Teledyne LeCroy's WaveScan™ search and find tool will scan both analog and digital channels for anomalies plus scan multiple digital lines for a parallel bus pattern.
LeCroy MSO 104 MXs-B Features
  • 1 GHz Bandwidth
  • Up to 10 GS/s Sample Rate
  • 16 Mpts/Ch Memory, 32 Mpts Interleaved
  • Fast Processing of Long Memory and Math
  • Responsive User Interface
  • WaveStream™ Fast Viewing Mode
  • WaveScan™ – Advanced Search and Find
  • LabNotebook Documentation and Report Generation
  • 10.4” Touch Screen Display
  • LXI Compliant
  • 18 Digital Channels
  • Max. Digital Signal Speed of 250 MHz
  • Analog and Digital Cross Pattern Triggering