Ling 330 4000 lb Shaker

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Ling 330 4000 lb Shaker 4000 lbs
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Ling Dynamics (LDS Test and Measurement) 330
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The Ling Model 330 Shaker is designed to provide a convenient means for high level vibration testing under conditions of high static loads, high altitudes, and high humidity. It is a wide frequency band electro-dynamic force transducer capable of producing a force of 4000 pounds (sine vector). The shaker operates in a 5 to 3000 Hz frequency range from either sine or random waveform input, converting the electrical current supplied into mechanical force.

The shaker consists of a magnetic structure which houses and supports an armature assembly and field coils. The structure is mounted on trunnion assemblies which allow ±180° rotation of the thrust axis. The trunnion assemblies are mounted on a base equipped with casters for portability.

The shaker contains armature overtravel and overtemperature protection switches and a field overtemperature protection switch.

The shaker employs a completely sealed cooling system designed to cool directly from a clean raw-water supply.
Ling Dynamics (LDS Test and Measurement) 330 Specs
Rated force (sine vector) 4,000 lbs
Useful frequency range 5 to 3,000 Hz
Rated acceleration (bare table) 100g vector
Rated velocity 70 in. per sec.
Rated displacement 1 in. peak to peak
Fundamental resonant frequency (bare table) 2,700 Hz
Flexure stiffness 530 lbs. per in.
Effective overtravel limits (from the neutral horizontal position) 0.5 inch in the outward direction
0.6 inch in the inward direction
Body suspension natural frequency 8 Hz
Maximum load 10g vector 375 lbs
Maximum load 20g vector 175 lbs
Maximum load 100g vector 15 lbs