Ling V203 Permanent Magnet Shaker

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Ling V203 Permanent Magnet Shaker
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Ling V203 Permanent Magnet Shaker Ling V203 Permanent Magnet Shaker
Ling Dynamics (LDS Test and Measurement) V203
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The V200 Series electro-dynamic vibration generators are miniature units designed to reproduce a vibration environment under laboratory conditions. They are also suitable as non-seismic pick-ups and are widely used in educational and research establishments to investigate the dynamic behavior of structures and materials. Other applications include fatigue and resonance testing, used as velocity transducers or high speed actuators and various medical purposes.

V200 series vibrators can be driven by any suitable oscillator/amplifier combination, but the Ling Dynamic Systems PA25E amplifier is specially recommended for this purpose. Being of the permanent magnet design, the V200 series vibrators do not require a field power supply. A typical system incorporating the V200-PA25E combination is shown in Figure 1.1.

The vibrator can be base or trunnion mounted and an auxiliary suspension is available, at extra cost, for use when the weight of the test package exceeds the table suspension rating.

Cooling is not normally required, although provision is made for the easy connection of a forced air supply. This is only required when the input power is expected to exceed the specified figures.
Ling Dynamics (LDS Test and Measurement) V203 Specs
Sine force, peak 17.8 N
Maximum Sine force peak 26.7 N
Armature Resonance Frequency 13000 Hz
Useful Frequency Range 5 - 13000 Hz
Effective Mass of Moving Element 0.020 kg
Velocity Sine Peak 1.49 m/s
Maximum Velocity Sine Peak 1.83 m/s
Maximum Acceleration Sine Peak 890 m/s2
1335 m/s2
Amplifier rating 0.048 kVA
LDS Amplifier PA25E
Suspension axial stiffness (nominal) 2.8 N/mm
Stiffness with auxiliary suspension 12.3 N/mm
Displacement (continuous) pk-pk 5.0 mm
Max. Displacement (cont.) pk-pk 5.0 mm
Cooling Air Flow Rate 0.001 m3/s
Max. working ambient temperature 300C
Heat rejected to air 48 W
Electrical requirement - Amplifier 0.13 kVA
Max. acoustic noise 75 dBA
Impedance at 500 Hz 2.0 ohms
Vibrator mass (base) 1.81 kg
Height (base) 96 mm
Width (base) 78 mm diameter
Vibrator mass (trunnion) 3.17kg
Height (trunnion) 128 mm
Width (trunnion) 102 mm
Length (trunnion) 117 mm