Logimetrics EPA610/IJ 8-18 GHz, 250 Watt Linear CW Amplifier

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Rent Logimetrics EPA610/IJ 8-18 GHz, 250 Watt Linear CW Microwave Amplifier
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Logimetrics EPA610/IJ
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The Logimetrics EPA610/IJ High Power Microwave Amplifier is a high power, linear broadband microwave amplifiers that provide the user with proven reliable instrumentation for a wide variety of test and system applications. The amplifier features regulation of the helix, filament and grid power supplies, thus providing stable operation and long life for the TWTs.

The TWT is fully protected against power supply malfunctions such as helix overcurrent, the power supply is designed to incorporate depressed collector TWTs as manufactured by several suppliers, allowing for wide flexibility in meeting your needs
Logimetrics EPA610/IJ Features
  • Monitors
    • Collector Current Voltage
    • Helix Current Meter
  • Status Indicators
    • Power On
    • RF Standby/On
    • Faults:
      • Helix Overcurrent
      • VSWR Overload
      • Power Supply Thermal Overload
      • TWT Thermal Overload
      • Air Flow
  • Controls
    • Power On/Off
    • RF Standby/On
    • Fault Reset
    • Local/Remote
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Designed to meet the safety requirements of IEC-348 and UL1419
  • Broadband Frequency
Logimetrics EPA610/IJ Specs
Frequency Min Pwr Min Sat Max NF
8.0 - 18.0 GHz 250 W 30 35