Ludeca ROTALIGN Pro Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

Rent Ludeca ROTALIGN Pro Laser Shaft Alignment Tool
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The Ludeca ROTALIGN Pro Laser Shaft Alignment Tool lets you align machine trains of up to six machines, calculating which machine  feet  to  move in order  to  reduce work to a minimum.  It  not only measures soft foot but also analyzes it and suggests corrective action. It can even compute thermal growth for you. But ROTALIGN® PRO does not stop at  the alignment  of  rotating machines: it also features an optional program  for  accurate  single-pass straightness measurement.


  • Aligns horizontal & vertical machines!
  • Aligns coupled & uncoupled shafts!
  • Rotate shafts only a quarter-turn in any position!
  • Machine train alignment!
  • Built-in soft foot expertise!
  • Thermal growth computation!
  • Cordless measurement!
  • Cardan shaft alignment!
  • Measure straight- ness with ease!
  • Take Command with PC software!


Laser emitter
Laser GaAlAs semiconductor laser
675 nm (typical)
Beam diameter
5 mm
Beam divergence
< 0.3 mrad
Beam power
< 1 mW
Laser safety class
Class 2; FDA 21CFR 1000 and 1040
Safety precautions
Do not look into laser beam.
Power supply
9V block battery, IEC 6LR61 (alkaline or lithium)
Operating time, continuous
80 hours, depending upon battery type
Laser receiver
Directions of 5-axis
2 planes (4 displacement axes)
detector measurement
1 inclination 360° (angle to plumb)
Two detector areas
0.7" x 0.7" (18 mm x 18 mm) each
Separation between measurement planes
Approx. 6 1/4" (160 mm)
0.04 mil (1 µm) ; angular 10 µRad
< 2%
Error rotation angle
< 2°
Measurement rate
Approx. 20 Hz
Laser emitter/receiver
Max. measurement separation between emitter and receiver
33 ft. (10 m)
Measurement stability
Ensured by temperature-stabilized light metal housing
Environmental protection
Shockproof,  waterproof,  dustproof (IP 67)
Protection from ambient light