Ludeca smartALIGN Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

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Ludeca smartALIGN
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Simplicity-of-operation is fundamental to the Ludeca smartALIGN Laser Shaft Alignment Tool's design principle. Its ergonomic, practical and smart joystick operation makes the alignment of rotating machinery simpler than ever before. Its LED system indicates the alignment condition. smartALIGN is made for daily industrial use and is resistant to water and dust (IP65). smartALIGN firmware upgrades can be carried out directly from the PRÜFTECHNIK website.
Ludeca smartALIGN Features
  • Aligns horizontal machines
  • Aligns vertical machines
  • Aligns coupled and uncoupled shafts
  • Measures soft foot
  • Overcomes shaft rotation restrictions
  • Patented InfiniRange® extends effective detector measurement range to handle gross misalignment
  • Handles problems arising from machine movement restrictions
  • Alignment of 3-machine-trains using smartEDITOR the PC software
  • Thermal growth and coupling targets for both machines taken into account
  • Quick laser beam adjustment due to patented UniBeam®. Use of only one cable eliminates tangling
  • Pre-assembled brackets designed for quick and rigid set-up
  • Measures alignment of shafts mounted on rolling or sleeve bearings
  • Unaffected by backlash
  • Designed for use in industrial environments. Rugged, resists water/dust/grease/shock (IP65 / IP67)
  • Smart 3-key operation
  • TolChek® - automatic and dynamic check of alignment condition
  • Active LED system indicates the alignment condition during measure and live move
  • Easy-to-interpret graphical results
  • Horizontal & vertical live move for misalignment corrections
  • smartREADER the one-way communication PC software is part of the standard smartALIGN® package
  • smartEDITOR allows two-way communication between smartALIGN® and a PC
  • Unlimited report generation either directly from the device or using the alignment printing tool