Magna-Power MTD1000-150/480 DC Power Supply

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Rent Magna-Power MTD1000-150/480 DC Power Supply
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Magna-Power Electronics MTD1000-150
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The Magna-Power MTD1000-100 100 kW DC Power Supply is one of the models available in the Magna-Power Electronics MT Series VI which uses the same reliable current-fed power processing technology and controls as the rest of the programmable DC power supply product line. As an added safety measure, all MT Series VI units include an input AC breaker rated for full power. The independent IGBT-based MT Series VI units are among the largest standard switchmode power supplies on the market, minimizing the number of switching components when comparing to smaller module sizes. Scaling in the multi-megawatts is accomplished using the UID47 device, which provides master/slave control: one power supply takes command over the remaining units, for true system operation.

All MT Series VI power supplies come standard with isolated 37-pin external I/O, RS232, Remote Interface Software, IVI drivers for integration into a variety of programming environment Three front panel types are available (Page 22) for maximum application flexibility. The A Version provides front panel control and calibration, start and stop buttons, and a digital display for voltage and current. The D Version front panel adds a 10-key digital front panel entry, memory sequencing, and modulation capabilities for non-linear output profile emulation.
  • Harmonic Neutralizer
  • High Isolation Output (+ISO)
  • High Slew Rate Output (+HS)
  • IEEE 488.2 GPIB Interface (+GPIB)
  • LXI TCP/IP Ethernet Interface (+LXI)
  • Photvoltaic Power Profile Emulation (+PPPE)
  • RS-485DSS Interface (External) (+RS485)
  • UID47: Universal Interface Device (+UID)
  • USB Edgeport Interface (External) (+USB)
Magna-Power Electronics MTD1000-150 Features
  • Industry leading power density
    • Rack-mount space is always at a premium. Magna- Power Electronics power supplies are continuously refined with new technology and devices to drive down size and increase power density.
  • High accuracy programming
    • ±0.075% full scale programming accuracy on all models and programming interfaces.
  • High power factor: > 0.92 on all 3Φ models:
    • Attention to AC power quality and input inductance enables a high power factor, consistent across all 3Φ input voltages.
  • Standard 37-pin isolated I/O and RS232
  • Multiple front panel types for flexibility
  • Extensive programming interface options
  • CE Mark safety and EMI/EMC certification
Magna-Power Electronics MTD1000-150 Specs
Input Specifications
Nominal Voltage
3 phase, 3 wire + ground
380 Vac, 3Φ (operating range 342 - 418 Vac)
415 Vac, 3Φ (operating range 373 - 456 Vac)
440 Vac, 3Φ (operating range 396 - 484 Vac)
480 Vac, 3Φ (operating range 432 - 528 Vac)
Frequency 50 Hz (operating range 45 - 55 Hz)
60 Hz (operating range 54 - 66 Hz)
Power Factor > 92% at maximum power: 100 kW and 150 kW modules
> 96% at maximum power: 250 kW modules
Output Specifications
Line Regulation Voltage Mode: ± 0.004% of full scale
Current Mode: ± 0.02% of full scale
Load Regulation Voltage Mode: ± 0.01% of full scale
Current Mode: ± 0.04% of full scale
Load Transient Response 2 ms to recover within ±1% of regulated output, with a
50% to 100% or 100% to 50% step load change
Efficiency ≥ 90% at full load
Stability ± 0.10% for 8 hrs. after 30 min. warmup
Isolation User inputs and outputs: referenced to earth ground

Maximum input voltage to ground: ±2500 Vac

Maximum output voltage to ground:
±1000 Vdc for models less than or equal to 1000 Vdc
±4000 Vdc for models greater than 1000 Vdc
Maximum Slew Rate Standard Models:
100 ms for output voltage change from 0 to 63%
100 ms for output current change from 0 to 63%

With High Slew Rate Option (+HS):
4 ms for output voltage change from 0 to 63%
8 ms for output current change from 0 to 63%
Bandwidth Standard Models:
3 Hz for remote analog voltage programming
2 Hz for remote analog current programming

With High Slew Rate Option (+HS):
60 Hz for remote analog voltage programming
45 Hz for remote analog current programming