Magna-Power TSA400-24-208-GPIB Series DC Power Supplies

Rent Magna-Power TSA400-24-208-GPIB Series DC Power Supplies
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Magna-Power Electronics TSA400
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TSA400 Datasheet
0 - 400 VDC, Power Supply
Magna-Power Electronics TSA400 Features
  • High power density: Up to 15 kW in a 3U package
  • High efficiency operation: Up to 88% efficiency on select models
  • Wide voltage and current range: 0-16 Vdc to 0-4000 Vdc and 0-1.2 Adc to 0-2700 Adc
  • 37-pin optically isolated user I/O circuitry standard front panel analog potentiometers: Stepless rotary control
  • RS-232 interface standard with SCPI Commands
  • GPIB, USB, Ethernet, RS-485 interfaces optional
  • Optional LXI-certified Ethernet communications: Embedded web-server
  • OVT and OCT shutdown standard: Mechanical contactors to disconnect input mains
  • Programmable Output Modulation: Emulates user-defined power profiles