Magna Power TSD40-1125 Programmable DC Power Supply

Rent Magna Power TSD40-1125 Programmable DC Power Supply
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Magna-Power Electronics TSD40-1125
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TSD40-1125 Datasheet
Magna-Power TSD40-1125 provides a low voltage and a high current range. The TS Series IV covers voltages from 40 Vdc and current levels up to 1125 Adc. This model is available in a 9U chassis. In addition, there are several special low voltage high current models, enabling a more cost-effective solution for these requirements.

All TS Series IV power supplies come standard with isolated 37-pin external I/O, RS232, Remote Interface Software, IVI drivers for integration into a variety of programming environment Three front panel types are available for maximum application flexibility. The A Version provides front panel control and calibration, start and stop buttons, and a digital display for voltage and current. The D Version front panel adds a 10-key digital front panel entry, memory sequencing, and modulation capabilities for non-linear output profile emulation.
  • 208/240 Vac Single-Phase Input (SP) (5 kW Only)
  • Cabinet and Integrations (+CAB1, +CAB2, +CAB3)
  • High Isolation Output (+ISO)
  • High Slew Rate Output (+HS)
  • IEEE 488.2 GPIB Interface (+GPIB)
  • LXI TCP/IP Ethernet Interface (+LXI)
  • Photovoltaic Power Profile Emulation (+PPPE)
  • RS-485DSS Interface (External) (+RS485)
  • UID47: Universal Interface Device (+UID)
  • USB Edgeport Interface (External) (+USB)
  • Water Cooling (+WC)
Magna-Power Electronics TSD40-1125 Features
  • High power density: Switch-mode, 45 kW in 9U
  • 80 different models: Up 40 Vdc, up to 1125 Adc
  • Load dependent air cooling: Variable speed fans on all models
  • High Accuracy Programming: ±0.075% full scale voltage/current programming accuracy
  • Wide range of input voltages: 208 Vac to 480 Vac, 50 Hz to 400 Hz
  • Front panel analog control: Stepless rotary control
  • 37-pin optically isolated user I/O: No additional circuitry necessary
  • RS-232 interface standard: Optional IEEE 488.2 GPIB, USB, LXI TCP/IP Ethernet, RS-485 interfaces
  • CE Mark
  • Made in the USA