Magna-Power TSD800-24 Programmable DC Power Supply

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Magna-Power TSD800-24 Programmable DC Power Supply
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Magna-Power Electronics TSD800-24
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TSD800-24 Datasheet
The Magna-Power TSD800-24 Programmable DC Power Supply is a power-generating device which produces up to 800V of energy with a maximum current of 24A and is built with a D-type, or digital, front panel. Magna-Power TSD800-24 devices offer a wide range of current and voltage to operate within and simultaneously maintain high power density rack-mount packaging for all models. This programmable power source comes with isolated 37-pin external input and output and a IEEE-488 GPIB and RS232 standard-compliant interface for ease of use. The D-type front panel provides a 10-key digital front entry interface featuring  memory sequencing and modulation capabilities for non-linear output profile emulation. This model, producing a total of 20 kW of power, is available in a 6U chassis. 
Magna-Power Electronics TSD800-24 Features
  • Industry leading power density
    • Rack-mount space is always at a premium. MagnaPower Electronics power supplies are continuously refined with new technology and devices to drive down size and increase power density.
  • High accuracy programming
    • ±0.075% full scale programming accuracy on all models and programming interfaces.
  • High power factor: > 0.92 on all 3Φ models:
    • Attention to AC power quality and input inductance enables a high power factor, consistent across all 3Φ input voltages 
  • Made in USA
    • All products are designed and manufactured at Magna-Power Electronics vertically integrated headquarters in Flemington, NJ USA
  • Standard 37-pin isolated I/O and RS232
  • Multiple front panel types for flexibility
  • Extensive programming interface options
  • CE Mark safety and EMI/EMC certification
Magna-Power Electronics TSD800-24 Specs
Model 800V (DC)
Maximum Current 24A (DC)
Ripple 300mVrms
Efficiency 88%
  • +CAB1, +CAB2, +CAB3 - Cabinet and Integration
  • +ISO - High Isolation Output
  • +HS - High Slew Rate Output
  • +UID - Universal Interface Device
  • +WC - Water Cooling
  • IEEE 488 GPIB
  • USB Edgeport
  • LXI TCP/IP Ethernet
  • RS-485DSS