Magna-Power TSA400-24-208-GPIB Series DC Power Supplies

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The Magna-Power TSA400-24-208-GPIB DC Power Supply is part of the TS Series, featuring high power density, wide voltage and current range, and front panel calibration. Magna-Power products combine the best of DC power processing with microprocessor embedded control. With high and medium frequency power and processing technologies, the user of the Magna-Power TSA400-24-208-GPIB benefits from smaller package size and improved response. These Magna-Power DC power supplies offer both master/slave parallel and series operation as well as the capacity to work harmoniously with other power equipment thanks to its circuitry.

The Magna-Power TSA400-24-208-GPIB is designed for safety as well as power and efficiency. It comes with three levels of over voltage/current protection: shutdown of controlling insulated gate bipolar transistors, input fuses, and disconnection of main power. The Magna-Power DC power supply must be reset immediately after an over voltage or current trip condition is activated. With programmable output modulation, the power supply can emulate user-defined power profiles within the specified parameters.