Manta MTS-1710 Universal Protective Relay Test System

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Rent Manta MTS-1710 Universal Protective Relay Test System
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Manta Test Systems MTS-1710
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Universal Protective Relay Test System
Manta Test Systems MTS-1710 Specs
Power Supply
  • Single phase 105-130 VAC @ 15A max (or 210-250 VAC @8A max when ordered with option 15), factory set, 47-63 Hz
  • 0-150V rms phase-neutral, direct coupled
  • 85 VA (1.13A) per phase maximum @ 75V phase-neutral output, P.F.=1.0
  • 120 VA per phase maximum @ 150V phase-neutral output, P.F.=1
  • Switched to 3 phase output terminals, direct coupled
  • 0-30A rms, 400 VA maximum, 44V rms maximum
  • For simultaneous 3-phase current, MTS-1720 required
  • 0-6A DC mode
  • Two mixed harmonic current modes for harmonic restraint testing:
    • Sum of fundamental frequency current and pure second harmonic current
    • Sum of fundamental frequency current and half-wave rectified fundamental DC current
  • High AC current 0-75A @3V mode for instantaneous tests (7.5 maximum compliance voltage)
  • Parallel current mode allows paralleling of current outputs of MTS-1710 & MTS-1720 for up to 90amps max, 1000VA max, 44Vrms max
  • Dual AC current mode for slope tests (I1: 60A maximum, 50A @3.5V, I2: see single phase current)
  • Power line (frequency and phase locked)
  • 2nd through 10th harmonic of power line
  • Variable
    • 40.00 - 80.00 Hz (0.001 Hz resolution, 0.01% accuracy)
    • 80 - 800 Hz (0.01 Hz resolution, 0.02% accuracy)
  • 25 Hz frequency mode
  • Off, prefault, fault, postfault
  • Phase between current and any voltage is adjustable from 0 through 360 degrees
  • Adjustment resolution: 0.25 degrees