MB Dynamics Eagle MISO 4 Channel Multi-Axis Vibration and Motion Control System

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The MB Millenium™ Dynamic Test Controller from MB Dynamics is a multiple-input, single-output (MISO) dynamic test control system. It reliably and accurately replicates actual end-user test conditions, including force, acceleration and motion control parameters. It can be used to control up to eight actuators, simultaneously or sequentially. The actuators are connected to a single test article that can be running independent force and/or vibration and motion profiles, whether synchronized or unsynchronized. Typical applications include time history replication, random vibration (PSD) control, and single- and multi-shaker sine with user-defined frequency and phase relationships.

The Eagle is the current platform in the MB Millenium family. It performs vibration control (acceleration and displacement), static and dynamic force control, linear and rotary motion control, and static and dynamic pneumatic control of test actuators and test functions. Each Eagle has one or more embedded controllers performing control functions, with analog and digital I/O provided by a variety of NI data acquisition and DIO boards. It uses either a customer- or MB-supplied Windows 10 desktop or tower PC for its graphical and user interface. The Windows 10 host is completely removed from all control processes running on the Eagle. As it operates as a non-networked, stand-alone unit, operation of the Eagle is therefore unaffected by Windows updates, IT security programs or corporate software.