Multi-Amp / Megger EPOCH-10 Protective Relay Test Set

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Multi-Amp / Megger EPOCH-10 Protective Relay Test Set
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Megger Epoch 10
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Epoch 10 Datasheet

The Multi-Amp/Megger EPOCH-10 relay test set integrates advanced microprocessor- based technology with decades of experience in the application, design and manufacture of equipment for calibrating protective relays to provide an extremely accurate, versatile and easy-to-use relay test set.

Intended for field use at substations and power plants, the EPOCH-10 is a portable, lightweight and very rugged test set. Its versatility makes it ideal for use in the relay shop, in the test laboratory or on the production line.

With the modular design of the EPOCH family, you can select the unit(s) with the capabilities and features required by your present application, and add to your original unit(s) as your testing needs expand. The table lists the different types of relays by IEEE device numbers and the different EPOCH-10 combinations that would be required to test them.

When performing automated relay testing with a computer and an EPOCH-10, Multi-Amp PulseMaster software gives you the option of using the computer to perform timing tests. This eliminates the requirement for a separate timer. The accuracy of the computer-based timing method is approximately ±20 ms with IBM PCs and compatibles. When high-speed or high-accuracy timing is required, use either the EPOCH-30, EPOCH-40 or the EPOCH-V.
Megger Epoch 10 Specs
Input Voltage (specify one) 115 V ±10%, 10, 50/60 Hz OR 230 V ±10%, 10, 50/60 Hz
Output Frequency Synchronized to external frequency source (EPOCH-30 may be used to establish the frequency output of the EPOCH-10. Standard EPOCH-30 range is 10.000 to 99.999 Hz. EPOCH-10 full output power is available from 40 to 80 Hz. Beginning at 40 Hz, output power is linearly derated to 50% of output tap and 50% of output power at 20 Hz.)
60 Hz crystal controlled
50 Hz crystal controlled
Accuracy Synchronized, tracks input frequency
Synchronized to EPOCH-30 ±10 ppm or 0.00006 Hz at 60 Hz
±0.006 Hz for 60 Hz crystal controlled (±0.01%)
±0.005 Hz for 50 Hz crystal controlled (±0.01 %)
Output Current To meet a variety of test circuit impedances, three output ranges are provided. Only a single pair of output terminals is needed since impedance matching to the load is automatically performed by the microprocessor. Amplitude is adjusted by 4-digit, autoranging pushbutton control, with a large LED display of setting
Ranges (auto-impedance matched) 0.00 to 25.00 A at 4 V max
0.00 to 12 .50 A at 8 V max
0.000 to 3.125 A at 32 V max
Resolution Upper Two Ranges: 0.01 Amps
Low Range: 0.001 Amps
Rating 100 VA
Duty Cycle Continuous
Over-Range A minimum of 20% amplitude over-range is available on each tap to reduce unnecessary tap changing and extend output capability. Duty cycle will vary with percent of over-range
Accuracy Typical: ±0.5% of setting or ±0.1 % of range, whichever is greater
Maximum: ±1% of setting or ±0.1% of range, whichever is greater
Distortion: Less than 1% typical, 2% maximum
*Alarm will indicate when amplitude, phase angle or waveform is in error