Multi-Amp / Megger EPOCH-10 Protective Relay Test Set

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The Multi-Amp/Megger EPOCH-10 relay test set integrates advanced microprocessor- based technology with decades of experience in the application, design and manufacture of equipment for calibrating protective relays to provide an extremely accurate, versatile and easy-to-use relay test set.

Intended for field use at substations and power plants, the EPOCH-10 is a portable, lightweight and very rugged test set. Its versatility makes it ideal for use in the relay shop, in the test laboratory or on the production line.

With the modular design of the EPOCH family, you can select the unit(s) with the capabilities and features required by your present application, and add to your original unit(s) as your testing needs expand. The table lists the different types of relays by IEEE device numbers and the different EPOCH-10 combinations that would be required to test them.

When performing automated relay testing with a computer and an EPOCH-10, Multi-Amp PulseMaster software gives you the option of using the computer to perform timing tests. This eliminates the requirement for a separate timer. The accuracy of the computer-based timing method is approximately ±20 ms with IBM PCs and compatibles. When high-speed or high-accuracy timing is required, use either the EPOCH-30, EPOCH-40 or the EPOCH-V.