Megger MEG10-01 Insulation Tester 10 kV

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The Megger MEG10-01 Insulation Tester 10 kV is a compact, microprocessor controlled high voltage d.c. insulation tester, which may be powered by internal rechargeable batteries or by connection to an a.c. supply. It is built into an extremely robust molded case with internal provision for test lead and mains power cord storage. Measurement results are clearly displayed on the custom digital and analogue LCD display as either an Insulation Resistance or a Leakage Current. The measurement range, subject to test voltage, is up to 500 GW on the digital display, and to 1TW at all voltages on the analogue scale. Test voltages of 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V and 10,000V are available and are selected by a two buttons on the front panel. IEEE43: 2000 "IEEE Recommended Practice for Testing Insulation Resistance of Rotating Machinery" now offers the option of testing machines rated above 12kV at 10 kV instead of the previous 5kV maximum. The 10kV range on the MEG10-01 allows this test to be easily achieved.