Megger MFT1552 Combined Insulation, Loop & RCD Tester

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Automatic RCD testing, which can dramatically reduce the time required to test electrical installations by allowing the instrument to be simply plugged into an appropriate socket, is a key feature of the Megger MFT1552 Combined Insulation, Loop & RCD Tester. The Megger is also supplied, as standard, with a full calibration certificate, eliminating the expense and inconvenient delays of having to purchase this essential item separately.

When testing RCDs, users of the MFT1552 simply plug it into the socket and initiate the test sequence. They then stand next to the RCD, and reset it each time it trips as the testing proceeds. Without further user intervention, the instrument carries out all five of the tests prescribed by the 16th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations, and stores the results. The stored results can be displayed on MFT1552 display by repeatedly pressing the “Lock” button.

Since RCDs are often located some distance from the sockets they supply, large time savings are achieved, as users no longer have to continually return to the instrument, after resetting the RCD, to initiate each separate stage of the test sequence.